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Amai Mahalinga 



The Tunnel Man of India

Mahalinga’s remarkable journey to find water

Amai Mahalinga Naik's inspiring story unfolds in a small village in Karnataka, where he turned a barren land into a flourishing farm through his unwavering determination.


When Naik received a 2-acre plot from as a gift from his landlord, he faced a daunting challenge - no accessible water source. Undeterred, he single-handedly dug multiple tunnels tirelessly for six years until, at a remarkable depth of 315 ft., he struck water. His perseverance and determination paid off, earning him India’s fourth largest civilian award, Padma Shri recognition from the President of India.


With his resolute spirit and hard work, Naik miraculously transformed the once barren land into a flourishing farm, nurturing a variety of crops such as areca nut, coconut, cashew, and banana plants.


His unwavering dedication to fetching water and adopting sustainable practices has made him an exemplary figure among small-scale farmers. Every year, thousands of people visit his farm to learn about his innovative approach and farming techniques.

Amai Mahalinga Naik's remarkable journey from barren to bountiful serves as inspiration, reminding us of the incredible potential that lies within all of us to make a difference if we have our can-do attitude.

Key Insights

Padma Shri awardee, India's fourth largest civilian award

6 Years

Single-handedly dug multiple tunnels

Transformed a barren land into a flourishing farm with unwavering determination.

Nurtured crops like areca nut, coconut, cashew, and banana plants.


Struck water at a remarkable depth of 315 ft.

Exemplary figure among small-scale farmers, inspiring sustainable practices.

Amai Mahalinga Naik's Video

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