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Mary Vattamattam
& Bablu 


Empowering Rural India

The Power Couple’s Collective's Journey of Change

Mary Vattamattam, along with her husband, Bablu Ganguly, established an NGO in 1990, The Timbaktu Collective, with a purpose of educating the people in rural areas, especially those plagued with drought, infertile land and unemployment, emphasising on women, children, and Dalits.


Since the last 40 years, Mary has been working in the marginalized communities of rural India and has made pioneering contributions towards women empowerment, children’s rights, alternative education, and disability rights.


On the other hand, the NGO’s area of work includes ecological restoration and organic farming.


Mary has taught women how to take charge of their lives through agricultural activities, how to raise their voice and participate in decision making. She also created a Nature’s school, aka Prakruthi Badi, that practices an alternate education system.


In recognition of the couple’s work, they have been awarded with Couple of the Year award by the Week Magazine, along with the One World Award, by Rapunzel Naturkost, the leading natural health food company in Germany. Mary has also received several awards including Vanitha Woman of the Year Award by the Manorama Group, and Grassroots Women of the Decade Award by The Women’s Economic Forum.

Key Insights

Founded an NGO “The Timbaktu Collective” in 1990

Mary received awards, including Vanitha Woman of the Year & Grassroots Women of the Decade.

Focus on educating rural communities, especially in drought-prone areas.

Created a Nature’s school, aka Prakruthi Badi, for alternative education.

Recognized with Couple of the Year and One World Awards

Contributing to women empowerment, children's rights, and disability rights.

Mary Vattamattam & Bablu Ganguly's Video

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