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Anirudh Verma's Incredible Journey of Becoming a Proficient Marathon Runner

Anirudh’s tryst with marathon racing began towards the end of 2014 and he started running long distances in 2015. “The sedentary lifestyle I was leading a few years back started impacting my health a lot. I thought I should do something to strengthen my body,” he mentioned when we asked what prompted him to embrace marathons.

He reminisced the days when many people he came across were unaware of the basics and the kind of accessories needed for running marathons. His first run along with his colleagues was a 6 KM stretch that gradually started extending and eventually they decided to run the 21 KM half marathon which inspired them to participate in the

Airtel Delhi Half Marathon.

“After 4-5 years, we decided to try a full marathon and we began with Wings Marathon, my first full marathon,” he said while talking about the major highlights of his marathon journey. “We accomplished the 63 KM stretch at Pagdandi Ultra and also tried a 24-hour run covering a 128 KM stretch.”

“We decided to challenge ourselves by trying to run through rough terrains such as hills, mountains, and trails. Once we were ready, we participated in the Aravali Trails, Nandi Hill Run, Satara Hill Half Marathon, and Ladakh Marathon.”

He and his friends would try their best to participate in all major ultra runs taking place nationwide. “There are several major events planned for the future and we are trying our best to raise our limits,” said Anirudh. Running is more like a meditation for Anirudh and a way to connect with oneself and gain control over one’s emotions. He also recalls how he explored various beautiful destinations throughout his marathon journey. His family has always been the biggest support in his journey.

“You have to be patient and be consistent about your goals,” replied Anirudh when we asked him about his learnings in all these years. He advocates the importance of making any form of physical activity a habit even amidst work commitments. They formed communities named “Dhaavak” and “Cyclix” three years ago and have 250+ members today. The purpose of these communities is to help aspiring runners achieve their goals.

Anirudh loves to treat himself whenever he completes a new milestone with jalebis, pizzas, or pasta. He loves to focus on marathons that have new challenges and works with major organizers who provide the best support. His advice to all aspiring marathon runners is, “We should believe in ourselves, spend time on the road, and focus on building our strength.”

Your marathon journey is indeed inspirational and we are proud of your accomplishments. We look forward to seeing you achieve many more milestones in your marathon journey in the future.

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