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Basic Precautions to take before entering the Kitchen

Updated: Apr 7, 2021

“Eating Outside is not safe anymore! Is it true? If it is safe how do we get confidence in what the Restaurant owners are saying?”

Being a restaurant owner how would you address the issue? Are you taking the correct actions to restore the customers’ confidence in you? But first, let us look into some steps behind and understand how Food safety is measured. The most critical part of the Restaurant/ Catering Industry is Food Safety and Hygiene. Often certifications like FSSAI and ISO 22000 are used as indicators for the best quality, safety, and hygienic service from the kitchen. Indeed the kitchen would operate almost perfectly under these standards. But post COVID19 impact, everyone is vulnerable to get infected and food being an integral part of the ecosystem is bound to get affected if the proper measures are not taken and if the kitchen is operated similar to the previous way. So, The SmartQ team has researched, analyzed, and come up with the protocols that every kitchen can follow without any hassle – #safeworkplace by SmartQ

These basic precautions will help you keep the kitchen safe from COVID-19. As the saying goes Happiness is made in the kitchen. While in the process to deliver happiness to your customers, let’s make sure we don’t carry any dangerous virus or bacteria before entering the kitchen. Keep the kitchen clean and safe from COVID-19 with these simple steps.

Precautions for Kitchen Staff

#1 To Stop The Spread Of Germs And Viruses Inside The Kitchen Wear Clean Uniforms / PPE Kits

#2 Always Cover Your Mouth And Nose Wear Better Quality Mask

#3 Keep Your Hands Safe And Clean While Handling The Food Wash It With Soap And Water

#4 Once In Every 2 Hours Sanitize The Major Touch Points

By following the above-mentioned steps, the kitchen will be safe to a certain extent. There are some more simple and effective preventive measures/ protocols to have a safe workplace/Kitchen.

Download the Kitchen Protocol book for free – This gives you a detailed process and a standard operating procedure for a smooth COVID safe operation.

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