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Building smart cafeterias that match modern cafeteria demands

Updated: Apr 7, 2021

An employee on average spends more than 1/3rd of their day in the organization. Giving them an environment to relax, chill, and enjoy can directly act as a base for productivity, wellness, and happiness. A corporate cafeteria with the right technology experience can be the source of fruitful co-working, increasing employee productivity, joy, and rejuvenation of employees themselves. So, what is the experience that your firm is looking for, and how does it ease the cafeteria experience for your employees?

With the growth in disposable incomes, better exposure to different & diverse cuisines, the introduction of the digital age, and ease of access to the Internet, food ordering and serving have moved to the next level in the last decade or so. The best cheesecake in town or a delightful local cuisine or a scrumptious lunch is never too far away from your workplace. The smartphone age has given the users the convenience of login in from any place, select the counter or restaurant, add a food item to the cart, and choose the mode of payment. It is all that simple to place a meal order quickly. The buzz generated by online ordering has forced corporates to look for their share of the pie. They are looking forward to giving the perfect answer to the hunger pangs in their organization.

Avoiding interruptions or time wasted in connecting to the restaurant was one of the most significant bugs in completing the food ordering experience for an employee. Calling up restaurants for a home delivery service is not quite the trend now. The working population who are unable to bring in home-cooked delicacies to work look forward to a culinary adventure in their cafeteria that will offer them a nutritious & healthy lunch without any hassle of queuing.

Employees receiving their orders using SmartQ Mobile App.

Bottle Lab Technologies Pvt. Ltd is one such company that has been one of the pioneers in Digital Cafeteria implementations. It has redefined the dynamics of the cafeteria through its broad portfolio of offerings that matches the needs of both the food partners as well as corporate and its employees. A digital seamless, integrated experience is what is brought to the table, bringing an end to the evil spell of cash pilferage, long never-ending queues, manual accounting & reconciliation, and late actions on feedbacks. With real-time monitoring of the food experience, corporate admins and facility managers can easily facilitate and automate every aspect of their cafeteria experience for all types of employees- be it regular, contracted, support staff, and even visitors.

With the digital age being promoted to the next level in every aspect of your life, digital cafeterias are the trends for upcoming times and get better as time progresses. If you have not been part of this ongoing revolution, then it is time to reinvent your company’s strategy in providing the best experience to your employees in your corporate cafeteria.

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