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How Corporates can Use Dining Experiences as an Incentive to Encourage Employees to #ReturnToWork

The emergence of the Covid-19 pandemic brought in several changes, and we had to adapt to the transformed environment of our own accord. Working and connecting through various online platforms instead of meeting people face-to-face became the new normal, and although, living in a pandemic had its downsides we cannot deny that it had its benefits as well that we grew comfortable with as though it were our second skin.

However, two years down the line, things are returning to normal and a hybrid model appears to be a good fit. A congenial experience at cafeterias is one factor that can make employees look forward to the prospect of coming back to the office to meet people, eat healthily, and make collaborations and catchups happen at the office.

Here are some pointers that could help us understand why employees should return to offices:

Food as an incentive

Having live pop-up counters at your cafeterias would create a buzz that would build excitement among employees. After so many months of eating alone during the lockdown, it would be great to share a meal with your colleagues while discussing projects or simply have a great time by discussing topics of common interest. The concept of introducing special menus on special days would also help in building this cause.

Seamless dining experience

As humans, we tend to adapt to changes sooner than we think. One of those changes is the way we make payments. Long gone are the days when transactions are made in cash, it is now substituted with platforms such as UPI. Employees too expect restaurants or food courts to provide them with QR codes that facilitate online transactions to provide a seamless, speedy experience.

Personalized food menus

Surviving the pandemic has made us realize the importance of life and how we should always value it, hence employees at companies now show no compromise when it comes to their food or dining experience. To cater to their needs, companies have equipped live counters where chefs would prepare food according to employee preference. The utilization of live counters with

personalized menus may serve as an incentive to call forth employees to return to work and explore these options.

Multiple options for employees to choose from (vegan, cultural food)

These two years have made us open to food options that we otherwise would not have attempted; exploring the cuisines of different cultures and origins is something that most people took upon themselves to try out. Social media also played a key role in popularizing vegan culture and plant-based diets that dominates the food market today. Hence by providing a plethora of culturally diverse options, companies can avoid menu fatigue and encourage employees to take advantage of the food offered in company canteens.

Introduction to events/celebrations

Corporate events always bring out the best in employees and you get to view a side of your colleagues that you would have never seen before. This might also motivate them to return to the office as events like these can make employees get together, know each other better and discover skills they were unaware of. This is also a great team-building exercise as this forced proximity to achieve a goal helps people move out of their comfort zones.

Working remotely has become the norm for professionals and splitting time between the office and home is now become the new normal. This also helps in boosting productivity among employees as they get a chance to reconnect with their families while maintaining healthy relationships among coworkers.

SmartQ provides a queueless, cashless, and contactless service to users, and employees by delivering a seamless, memorable experience. We strive to revolutionize the corporate cafeteria lifestyle by equipping ourselves with cutting-edge technology and utilizing personalized menus that delight users.

Contact us now to know more about our solutions.

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