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Welcome to the world of Contactless technology

Future of workplace series

In terms of technological innovation and adoption, the world has been catapulted to the future by at least 5 years, thanks to COVID.

The impact will go far beyond just lifestyle changes, it would in fact shape the cultural future of many countries.

When it comes to workspaces, we already see many of the large employers like Infosys, Wipro, and TCS have their employees returning to the office.

It is with a great amount of trust and confidence in the employer that an employee would return back to the office. While still not making the process of working at the office utterly complicated with multiple safety restrictions at protocols at every step.

This is where the role of technology comes in, to make the office space safe secure, and automate all the processes.

SmartQ has been in constant touch with some of the leading corporates and has designed a comprehensive technology suite that powers future workspaces.

Some of the products in our tech stack :

1. OnSafe which works on Bluetooth proximity sensors to ensure a safe distance is maintained at workplaces

2. Touch-less app-based Vending machines to avail ready-to-eat food items kept on temperature maintained shelves.

3. Cafeteria specific technology such as Vision check out which works on scan and go food ordering

4. Conveyor belt system-based UV tunnels to sterilize all the food being served to the employees.

5. Walk in walk out technology uses AI-powered computer vision technology to provide an amazon go style food ordering experience

6. Cafe Pass that uses proprietary technology to help control the crowd flow inside the cafeteria

These are just some of the products which are a part of an exhaustive and customizable list of SmartQs technology ecosystems.

As a part of the Compass Group, at SmartQ International, we were fortunate to deploy some of these technologies in Global companies that Compass Group operates in. Our tech products in countries like the UK, USA, Spain, Singapore, Japan, and Australia. have also reached a stage of high maturity as they have been deployed and are running since as early as Mid 2020.

Companies need to engage with the right partners early on and plan ahead to be the front-runner in promoting the best practices for their companies with the help of technology.

We believe that at SmartQ we are the right partner for you.

Products of SmartQ Technology Suite:

1. App-based Seat Bookings / Meeting Room booking

2. Touchless Vending Machines

3. App-based ordering

4. Walk in Walk Out

5. Cafe Pass - AI-based crowd flow control

6. Sterilised food through UV tunnel conveyer

7. Pre Ordering of food and Seat at Cafe

8. Vision Checkout

9. On Safe

10. Reusable food boxes

11. Event food ordering

Looking forward to knowing more about SmartQ Products? Contact us

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