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Gifting Your Employees Made Simpler With SmartQ

Experience the joy of surprising your employees & colleagues with SmartQ in association with Compass India. 

Why SmartQ is your right gifting partner?

30+ Gifting Partners


10000+ Gift Options

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Pan India Delivery


9 Gift Categories

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Gift the way you imagine


Real luxury is customization. Select your favorites from the wide varieties of options. Have the ultimate freedom to choose your gift combinations. You name it, we have it. Write personalized messages for your loved ones along with your gifts.

Simple and Easy Process


With lightning-fast response to the requirements, our swift operations ensure delivering the ultimate combinations of gifts and affordability in no time.

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Gift A Versatile Voucher


Nothing gets better than a super voucher. Enjoy redeeming your super voucher by applying it on multiple sites for different products rather than using a voucher on a single site.

How does it work?

SmartQ Employee gifting process

We got you covered with 10000+ gifting options

Work from home Essentials

Ready to build your workspace? Here is a curated list of all essential items that every employee need while they work from home.

Sustainable Green Gifting

 Eco-friendly and sustainable options that will show how much you care, and simultaneously give a much needed nod to our planet.

Immunity Boosting Hampers

What a better gift for your employees than a range of products that help build immunity. Here is a collection of healthy and organic products for you to choose from.

Dry Fruits & Cookies

The trend of giving dry fruits is a healthy gifting option this year. Full of goodness, corporate dry fruits hampers make perfect

Sweets and Chocolates 

From Traditional Indian sweets (the mithai) to new age chocolates. Here is a tantalizing mix of everything in all shapes, sizes, flavours and packages. Perfect for all the occasions and seasons

Thoughtful DIY Hampers

DIY gift baskets are a great way to create a personalised gift for your employees. Put together a basket with gifts of your choice.

Premium healthy munching options 

Turning towards healthy munching options can help to get in all the nutrients. Many of these weight-loss snacks are also great on-the-go snack options.

Innovative Electronics

Nothing makes lives easier than new gen tech. Choose from a flee of electronic items to gift your beloved ones.

Why only seasonal 

Gift Your Employees On Every Occasion

We know that you care for your employees, so let's surprise them by taking every occasion as an opportunity. The joy and power of unexpected giving are unmatchable, SmartQ's affordable and pocket-friendly gifting solution ensures to curate the best gifts for your employees and makes it special by giving them surprises at their doorsteps.

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Employees happiness is a just a click away

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