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A little about us

Who We Are

SmartQ is a leading B2B food services company that uses technology and food to bring people together!

We are an MNC that has its presence across 16 countries with more than 600 clients and a strong family of 600+ people, Bengaluru being our headquarters is known as the innovation hub and we have grown up to be the global leader in the institutional food tech space. We were recently acquired by the world’s largest foodservice company – Compass Group which has an annual turnover of 20 billion USD.  

Core Values of SmartQ

We are not a company,

we are a family with strong values - RISHTAA

1. Transparency.png


4.. Solution centric.png

Solution Centric

2. Agility.png


5. Ownership.png


3. Harmony.png


6. Innovative.png


What we do?

Our Digital cafeteria suite transforms any conventional cafeteria into a digital one making it a Queue-less, Cashless & Contactless cafeteria. We are a customer-centric company that has developed more than 25 tech products to provide the convenience of ordering and engaging customers at their fingertips, hence enabling the world-class cafeteria experience.  

While technology is the DNA of our company, Food aggregation is in our hearts.   

Our Aggregation vertical helps clients by working with a diverse set of food partners. We Nurture them to provide excellent food service with a core focus on health, safety & consistent quality. SmartQ’s menu engineering ensures the ultimate food experience at the cafeteria.   


Food breaks are fun again with SmartQ! 

Want to join us?

Explore Career with us

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Technology & IT

5 Openings

a2 Operations.png

15+ Openings

a3 Procurement.png

2 Openings

a5 Market & design.png
Marketing & Design

4 Openings

a6 Business Development.png
Business Development

4 Openings

a7 Human Resource.png
Human Resource

2 Openings

we are not employees, We are Smartians

Life at SmartQ

SmartQ is a Family

A Family which eats
together, Stays together!

As a company we walk the talk, our meals at the office are like a family gathering where we dine together. we have a treasure trove of memories and stories that each of us cherishes, all of them emerging and culminating from our everyday lunch breaks!

Group 30993.png

We are high on Innovation

Solving problems.png

Solving complex problems makes us tick

Our technology-focused DNA never keeps us settled for sub-par solutions, It drives us to look for the most interesting solutions. 


One such solution is Scan and go - At the client cafeteria’s shopping MRP items are made super simple, Employees reach out to the Food counter. Pick the food of their choice, scan’s it on SmartQ (Billed in the backend) and Just leave!

Interesting right! We work on such cool stuff day in day out :)

We are Purpose driven

Our strong Organizational Purpose, driving every individual's purpose

Bringing people together through delectable food experiences powered by technology has always been our north star.

We put immense effort to help every employee who has joined us to see their own individual purpose fit into this larger vision of SmartQ

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Becoming Smartians comes with a lot of

Perks & Benefits

PB1 Flexible Leave policy.png

leave policy

PB2 Learning Budget.png

Learning Budget

PB3 Self reflection time.png

Reflection Time

PB4 FOP.png

FOP for 
female employees

PB5 Medical Loan.png


PB6 Travelling and workactions.png

Traveling & 

PB7 Health Insurance.png


PB8 Internal Job transfers.png

Internal job 

Pb9 Special covid Leaves.png

Special Covid 

PB10 Tri- referral bonus.png



You can be the next Smartian!

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