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…If convenience and time are not worthwhile to you ! 

But we are glad you did scan, we welcome to the Smart Cafeteria of Stryker with SmartQ.

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SmartQ established in 12 countries 

Actively expanding

SmartQ's Global Presence

Since 2014, SmartQ has been a pioneer in building engaging food and beverage experiences powered by Technology for SMBs, SMEs and large enterprises.


Creative Employees


Certified Partners


Prestigious Clients


Countries Operational

10 lakh+

Smart Users

Stryker Cafe Digitization

With our lightning-fast SmartQ App helps users to place the order without Queues & Cash, POS systems helps food partner place order with ease; SmartQ prides itself on building the most robust cafeteria technology stack

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Reports & Data engine
  • Vendor Dashboards

  • SmartQ Insights Engine

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Payments & Authentication
  • A plethora of Payment Modes

  • Custom Business rules

  • T+1 vendor settlement 

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Digital User Experience
  • Omni Channel Ordering

  • Closed-loop Feedback

  • Employee Engagement Platform

Premium Food Aggregation

SmartQ's strong focus on execution and customer delight in our entire operations have been built on onboarding the best premium food partners for delivering world-class cafeteria experience at Stryker's Cafeteria and foodcourt

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Highest Compliance
  • In house Food Safety Team

  • Highly experienced execution team

  • Highly detailed processes

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Curating the Food Program
  • Tailored food experience 

  • Menu Engineering

  • 7000+ Menu created 

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Partner Management
  • Omni Channel Ordering

  • Closed-loop Feedback

  • Employee Engagement Platform

Cafeteria Digitisation
Food Aggregation

Stryker Food Experiences

Stryker has a unique culture and vision, we strive toward providing meaningful experiences for employees through food and events based on needs and preferences. Engaging food experiences through food pop up shops are the real crowd puller 

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Feedback & Rectification
  • Real-time feedback management 

  • SmartQ's dedicated Customer support team

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Fresh Experience & Fest
  • Seasonal/ Festival specials

  • Full support for organized events

  • Create refreshing cafe ambiance

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Event Driven Food Service
  • Engaging surprise counters

  • Food Trucks to Pop up shops

  • 500+ Brands PAN India

Food Experiences

Experience the change with our smart and slick features to cater to employee-centric experiences in the post-Covid-19 era. SmartQ's other products for

The Future of Workspaces in the New Normal

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Cafe Pass.png
Cafe Pass

​Smart technology that decongests cafeterias based on user-occupancy levels

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Smart Desking

App-based hot-desking solution that allows employees to book their seats and meeting rooms

Hot desking.png
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Walk in, Walk Out 

AI-powered, fully autonomous unmanned retail checkout experience

Walk in and Walk out.png
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Smart Vending

App-based vending solution that offers dynamic and interactive purchasing

Smart Vending.png
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Virtual Ordering

Order food which gets delivered right to your desks and meeting rooms

Virtual ordering .png
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SmartQ Lens

360-degree view of the entire cafe performance in a single window for the admins

SQ lens.png
New Initiatives
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Providing you a delightful experience everyday.

Welcoming Stryker family
to the SmartQ Cafe.

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