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Overcome Declining Employee Participation with Digital Cafeterias

Great food invokes nostalgic sentiments, flavours, memories, cultural exchanges, and a lot more. There is no better way to have a cheerful interaction with colleagues than sitting around a table and having a meal, even if you share no common interests.

A well-conceived cafeteria must be adaptable, with the right tools in place to address wide-ranging use cases effortlessly. With multi-purpose technology, the cafeteria space can be a base within the company for daily catchups, breaks, town-halls, group events and an ideal setting for anyone exploring the facility.

Sadly, since the pandemic hit, people have either adopted a hybrid form of work or have chosen to work remotely leading to declining employee participation in corporate cafeterias.

However, despite businesses gradually heading back to their offices like in pre-pandemic times, people are avoiding corporate cafeterias as they continue to face issues such as long queues, payment failure, and mediocre cafeteria services. Consequently, corporates must consider changing the dynamics of their cafeteria and redefining the whole experience by embracing digital.

Innovative cafeterias equipped with digital tools offer accessibility while keeping the staff safe. As employees return to work, the cafeteria becomes a safe zone to relax and place orders via touchless menus. Here’s how you can overcome declining employee participation and create rich experiences for your employees:

1. Make the cafeteria queue-less:

A digital cafeteria solves the problem of long queues since the choice of the cafeteria, ordering food, and payment processes are handled by technology with just a few taps on your mobile screen. It saves time and gives the cafeteria a whole new vibe, thus relieving employees from waiting in long queues.

2. Place digital displays Placing digital display screens in cafeterias can ensure that employees are entertained with videos and are updated about company news, keeping the employees engaged even when they are not having food. Such digital displays can help businesses organize team building and entertainment activities at short notice.

3. Ensure seamless payment transactions:

Digital cafeterias that accept online payments are a boon to the employees as they can reduce the hassle of carrying cash in wallets. Such online payment modes are safer and more trustworthy than conventional ones and are convenient and easily accessible.

4. Avoid crowding:

Introducing digital cafe passes that allow employees to try out available seats at the cafeteria at any point in time and pre-book seats, can help avoid congestion at cafeterias and enable employees to consume their food peacefully. Such solutions are urgently needed, and they additionally help facility managers and admins to be more careful and vigilant about their workplace and employee well-being.

5. Put up digital menu boards Digital Signage Menu Boards offer better capabilities than conventional menu signage. You can incorporate pictures of menu choices, collaborative features such as order entry, nutritional information, promotion of wholesome dining options, and item modification. They enable menu changes and pricing adjustments that can be easily applied manually.

At SmartQ, we have developed a comprehensive suite of solutions to revolutionize corporate cafeterias. With integrated payments and multiple ordering, intimation, and informational channels, we have ushered in a revolution that will transform how corporate cafeterias will function in the future.

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