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Chocolate Cake Day!

Updated: Apr 7, 2021

Chocolate day

Chocolate cake day

“You Bake, I Bake, We all bake the chocolate cake!”

Yes, you guessed it. This blog is definitely about chocolate cake and how we are surrounded in and around the cobwebs of the satisfying blissful taste of the buttery and wholesome chocolate cake with a mouthful moist base and topped with cream having a super delicious sweet-and-bitter taste of fresh cocoa.

Did you just swallow a gulp?

Now while you take your phones surfing the food apps to order a chocolate cake, right now, or if you are speeding up your steps or vehicles to reach the nearest cake shop while listening to it, let me dive you deep into the chocolate fondant story and how chocolate cake became the first option for all age group of consumers reigning the cake kingdom since time immemorial!

The birth of Chocolate Cake

Making of chocolate cake

It is believed that chocolate cake has been with us for the past 150 years and the history dates back to 1764 when it was discovered that cocoa powder which would later become chocolate can be made by grinding cocoa beans between 2 circular millstones.

Wish Dr James Baker a thank you for having introduced this discovery to this world.

Interestingly, the chocolate cake has 2 fathers, the one who discovered it and Conrad van Houten, the man who made chocolate affordable to the masses by discovering a method by which cacao liquor could be extracted, thereby producing cacao butter.


History of chocolate cake

No sooner the chocolate cake making processes and techniques were made easier, it just started growing and expanding.

We’re lucky to have the chocolate with a sweetened taste in all forms, be it bars or candies or cakes. But way back in the 1800s, chocolate was only a very bitter liquid that could possibly be mixed with water and consumed by people until 1847 when the first verified recipe for chocolate cake appeared in Eliza Leslie’s cookbook. However, the recipe and the permutation combinations of the various ingredients for making chocolate then were way different from what we get or make today where chunks of chocolate were added instead of cocoa powder.

After Leslie, one after the other, a series of cookbooks started being released with various chocolate cake methods and recipes with the chef’s signature toppings and icings.

Maria Parloa, the lady who started attracting customers and consumers by adding her own twists on the chocolate cake by incorporating the version of the cake we get today with the frosting, defatted cocoa powder into the batter mix and a chain of chocolate fillings designed in such a manner so as to make it delightful and gratifying.

The desire for chocolate cake grew with time and the demand had increased and the manufacturers started selling the recipes outright. A company called O.Duff and Sons released the first boxed ready-to-eat chocolate cake where no baking was required.

In 1947, Betty Crocker released a pre-made chocolate cake mix. Gradually, baking a chocolate cake had become a very easy and straightforward task and it was made sure that anybody even with the least kitchen experience could do it.

As celebratory as we human beings are, who need the slightest reason for gathering and enjoying, realized that a ‘Chocolate Cake Day’ should be recognized and made national, one particular day for chocolate cake lovers to pay homage to and spend the entire day baking, making, eating and sharing chocolate cake to friends, families, and acquaintances, making it the one cheat day of the year!

Hence, 27th January came into being and was celebrated around the world as the National Chocolate Cake Day according to the National Calendar Day.

Types of chocolate cake!

Black Forest Cake

The chocolate cake has evolved and customized itself as per the taste and preference of the various tickling taste buds of people.

Here’s a list of a few mind-blowing, soul-feeding and heart-hugging cakes that you would just not love but also drool too:

  1. Starting from the not-so-chocolatey yet everybody’s all-time favourite the Black Forest consisting of several unleashing layers of the chocolate sponge cake sandwiched with whipped cream and cherries, beautifully decorated with additional scraped chocolate shavings.

  2. For people craving for a midnight-choking predominant flavoured chocolate cake, the Devil’s Food Cake would serve the purpose. The name so earned is simply because of the cake being prepared with both cocoa powder and melted chocolate on the moist cake base with an almost silky and velvety texture paired with again a chocolate frosting.

  3. If you do not want anybody to come between your chocolate cake and you, not even flour, then Flourless Chocolate Cake is a must and is absolutely gluten-free. With its fudge-like texture, it satisfies even the biggest chocolate craving. Top however you like and calm your sugar rush, there’s more to the list!

  4. The grandmaster chocolate cake that can shut the highest chocolate craving is none but a Chocolate Fudge with a Chocolate Ganache frosting. Its flavours are deep, rich in texture, so versatile and easy, and slathering on that frosting would seriously make you fall in love like you had never fallen before!

  5. Choco Lava Cake is a dream come true where a hot molten thick dark chocolate oozes out from the centre as soon as you dig your spoon in. You look at it, bring it near your mouth, and simply close your eyes to spread the flavour and sweetness all over your tongue and mouth with not even a single corner left out.

  6. When you get the taste of rich chocolate ganache with coconut and chopped toasted nuts, typically hazelnuts and almonds, and can’t really recall the name, remember that the heavy-cream and buttered chocolate cake inside your mouth is the heavenly Chocolate Truffle Cake.

  7. If you are one of those who like to mix-n-match taste and bring out an altogether new taste, then a Chocolate Peanut Butter Cake is something that you would just love having an extra moist, rich, three-layer chocolate smeared with creamy peanut butter frosting and a sweet chocolate glaze on top!

  8. The luscious Chocolate Hazelnut Cake the one coated with a ganache made from chocolate and cream and topped with a mountain of bittersweet chocolate curls, and surrounded by crunchy praline hazelnuts coated in tempered chocolate and rolled in cocoa powder making it the cake that everybody loves!

  9. If you find the above cakes too gooey and over-loaded with chocolate and sweetness, then you always have the option of just getting yourself a Chocolate Mug Cake having very little sugar content and cocoa powder, ready within 10 minutes.

The list can go on and on and on describing the awesomeness of various types of chocolate cake but there is a dire urgency of celebrating this day and how badly the cake needs to be eaten by all the fellow chocolate cake lovers!

And if you have finished reading or listening to this entire chocolaty affair content, grab your friend or drag your colleague and choose the finest confectionery near you and treat yourself to your favourite Chocolate Cake as a tribute for having been consistently and dedicatedly present on all occasions, be it birthdays or anniversaries or farewells!

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