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Discover how SmartQ Leverages Technology to Simplify Dining Experiences at Workplaces

Delivering a delightful dining experience involves a digital end-to-end journey that typically starts with ordering the food online, selecting from a range of options, making the payment to eventually enjoying the meal without having to wait for it. The attempts to enhance the whole experience revolve around quick service, better dishes, and friendly servers. However, dining is more than just these things, and technology plays a key role in ensuring that the entire experience is quick, contactless, queue-less, and cashless.

At SmartQ, we have profound expertise in F&B (Food & Beverage) and coupled with technology, we transform corporate cafeterias. Read on to find out how we enhance the dining experience at workplaces.

Omnichannel platform with a digital café suite: SmartQ’s solutions are present across various ordering channels such as a mobile application, website, self-ordering kiosks and POS (Point of Sales) devices. We have a collection of integrated products like an Analytics and Feedback Platform, Control Desk and Business Rules Engine.

Contactless food ordering: On the SmartQ app, you can skip the queue by ordering on the go, getting your food delivered to your desk, receiving it from the collection point, choosing a preferred time for pick-up, getting a subscription, and pre-ordering a day before dine-in.

Cafeteria in-flow control: With SmartQ Café Pass, you can verify your entry at the cafeteria through visual authentication by scanning a QR code or automated access and reduce café congestion by limiting the number of orders.

Kiosk-based ordering/payment: Place SmartQ kiosks at strategic spots in a building in such a way that employees/visitors can place an order before they enter the cafeteria. Such kiosks offer an enhanced digital experience, seamless integration with food stations, a wide range of payment options, and multiple hardware alternatives on all major operating systems.

Intelligent Display Systems: SmartQ offers several intelligent display systems that streamline the whole process at the back end. For instance, on the Kitchen Display, the notification of an order is received and once the food gets ready, the user is notified. On the Token Display, there is a convenient way to track orders and it is seamlessly integrated with the kitchen. The Menu Display offers real-time updates and can be used for promotional activities.

SmartQ Virtual Points offers monthly or daily expiry points that can be auto loaded at the start of the month/day with an expiry limit. Patrons can use these points to pay for F&B expenses at the cafeteria. According to how the points are used, SmartQ can bill the company at the end of the month.

Menu engineering: SmartQ plays an active role in curating the weekly menus served at client locations. We consider our client/employee preferences, vendor capabilities, and several other parameters before finalizing the menu. Some of the parameters are employee preferences, distinct colour patterns, variety in ingredients, vendor capabilities, cost, accompaniments, flavour, and demography, among others.

Even as businesses are gradually turning to technology to deliver smooth dining experiences at workplaces and improve efficiency, SmartQ is leading from the front and reshaping the corporate world by designing and building tech-driven eateries that deliver a seamless dining experience.

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