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Reinventing Corporate Cafeterias With Smart Technologies

Updated: Apr 7, 2021

Food conjures a lot of emotions, tastes, connections, memories, cultural interactions & associations, and much more. For every occasion, there is no better way to start interacting with your colleagues even if you have nothing in common. However, visiting your cafeteria can be a mood-spoiler at times considering the food, themes, along ordering & serving experience.

If you are also one of the corporate admins or facility managers who face long queues, payment failures, and poor cafeteria services, then it is time to reconsider your thought of changing the dynamics of your cafeteria. Redefining the cafeteria experience with the help of robust and cutting-edge technologies is the need of the hour. Technology can help you communicate with your employees better, and what better place to start with – the corporate cafeteria.

SmartQ-End the Queue

Waiting in a long queue is definitely the biggest problem in everyone's life.

Ever wondered what change technology could bring to the fore in a corporate cafeteria. Technology brings in a new angle in everybody’s lives as we are surrounded by different technologies. Our solutions bring efficiency to employee access mechanisms, workstation logins, and attendance mapping. We have seen that owing to the application of technology; corporates are better able to focus on their needs with greater ease. The cafeteria also needs a technology makeover to ensure that the cafeteria is one of the best and most relaxing places in your company for your employees.

Corporate cafeterias powered with world-class technologies are given a new term – Digital cafeterias. The digital cafeteria offers the convenience of quick and easy food delivery with cash-free transactions. Providing secure and user-friendly mobile ordering interfaces in the workplace can help employees opt for various menu preferences right from their workstations. With real-time updates of your order providing a clear view of the meal preparation time, your employees can avoid the hassles of long ordering and serving queues in the cafeteria.

Selecting the right technology partner along with a food service provider can be a key strategic decision for all corporates as it represents the company’s culture to its employees, visitors, and customers. You need not be dependent on Google Search to take up the task of finding the best corporate cafeteria vendor that brings a complete package of food & technology.

SmartQ Mobile App

SmartQ (Bottle Lab Technologies Pvt. Ltd) is one such startup that has been one of the pioneers in developing a complete suite to innovate corporate cafeterias. With integrated payments and multiple ordering, intimation, and informational channels, Bottle Lab Technologies has ushered in a revolution that is here to stay for a long time to come.

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