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Everything Facility Managers need to know about setting up a Digital Cafeteria

Everything Facility Managers need to know about setting up digital cafeteria

Are long queues at cafeterias plaguing your workplace? Do your employees have to wait for a long time for their food? Do you often find it difficult to regulate food wastage? If you’ve answered yes to any of the above questions, you are in desperate need of a cafeteria transformation.

Workplace cafeterias are often the most challenging facilities to manage and for good reason. There are multiple moving parts involved that make it a facility manager’s nightmare but with the advent of technology, like everything else, cafeterias too can be streamlined. How? Read on.

Setting up a Digital Cafeteria

Setting up a digital cafeteria

With digital cafeterias, you can bid adieu to the long queues in the cafeteria. Opt for technology that comes with an easy-to-use interface that will enable employees to place orders no matter where they are.

It’s just like ordering off a food app. Employees can go over the menu for the day, choose the food of their choice, make the payment online and simply wait for their orders to be ready. Once ready, the kitchen can send them a notification following which they can come down to collect their orders. This reduces the wait time completely and offers a clutter-free experience at the cafeteria. Orders can be placed via a mobile app anywhere you are or can even be placed at touch-screen kiosks set up in strategic places in the workplace.

Streamlining cafeteria operations

With your cafeteria going digital, say goodbye to tedious management of operations. With the advent of all related data available online, facility managers get real-time views of orders and consumption. With rich data available at their fingertips, managers can finally tackle the most common problem of food wastage. Food orders with vendors can now be placed with more accurate numbers, saving money along with food.

With every order and corresponding payment, captured, a more accurate accounting system can be developed to keep track of sales and expenditure. Managers can also capture feedback in an organized manner accessing them whenever required. It’s insights like never before!

Going contactless

Contactless Cafeteria

With a digital cafeteria in the workplace, the biggest takeaway would be the convenience of going contactless. That means no more queues, no more manual payments, and less room for human error. Payments can be accepted digitally ensuring a much clearer account as opposed to handling physical cash and card receipts.

Going cashless and paperless is a great way to be mindful of the environment and reduce the unnecessary use of paper. Contactless experiences come as the biggest solution to survive a global pandemic. With cafeteria operations shifting online, minimal physical contact is ensured curbing the risk drastically.

While workplaces are working on strategies for employees to return to work safely, a contactless cafeteria will show your employees that safety is your number one priority. Regular sanitization, neat segregation of order collection, and online payments will mean fewer crowds in the cafeteria and greater social distancing.

Provide a seamless experience for employees, help boost their happiness, and productivity by transforming your workplace cafeteria. Who can help you with the transition?

SmartQ pioneers in developing a complete suite to innovate corporate cafeterias. With integrated payments and multiple ordering, intimation, and informational channels, SmartQ has ushered in a revolution that is here to stay for a long time to come. Get in touch with us today to transform your cafeteria.

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